Tuesday, January 20, 2015


DEFCON 4 Korea, Land Of The Morning Calm


                                           Teaser for back of book



The DMZ missions goes on the year 1985, the patrol is heading back to warrior base. When all hell brakes loose the North Koreans are moving towards the DMZ in a all out push. ROK and U.S. units are on full scale alert in the South and moving towards the DMZ. Could this be the start of 2nd Korean War?


In DEFCON 4 Korea, Land of the Morning Calm, author Mark Heathco spends a story of alerts, patrolling, North Koreans, double agents and human trafficking happening on the Korean peninsula  for sex and money, power and information for the leader of the spy/ prostitution ring and the great leader of North Korea.



Mark Heathco brings to light the real and not so real events that happened or could happen while pulling the Mission up on the DMZ, but through it all the DMZ mission goes on in Korea, Land Of the Morning Calm.


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